Breakfast at The Peak Hotel in Castleton

*Available Saturday and Sunday until 11:45*

 - Full Derbyshire breakfast £6.95

Bacon, egg, sausage, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, Derbyshire oatcake, local black pudding and fried potatoes.

 - Award winning large full Derbyshire breakfast. £7.95

 - Vegetarian breakfasts available

*All served with toast or bread and butter*

 - Breakfast bagel with bacon or sausage. Extra fillings 50p each £2.95

 - Derbyshire belly buster bagel. Egg, bacon, mushrooms, and oatcake £3.95

 - Smoked haddock with poached eggs £7.95

 - Scrambled/poached egg on toast £4.95

 - Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on a toasted bagel £7.95

 - American style pancakes with maple syrup £4.95

 - Bowl of cereal £1.95

 - 2 slices of toast and butter Served with your choice of preserves £1.50

 - Fresh French pastries of the day Served with a selection of preserves £2.50


Teas From Round The World Pot of Yorkshire tea £1.80 Pot of tea for two £3.60 Speciality tea (fruit tea, green, peppermint, camomile, and lemon tea etc.) £2.10 Speciality tea for two £4.20 Earl Grey (delicate flavour of bergamot) £2.10 Lady grey(golden with refreshing citrus) £2.10 Assam (rich, deep-amber. Brahmaputra valley) £2.10 Lapsang souchong (golden, very distinctive smoky flavour) £2.10 Darjeeling (light/golden. ‘The champagne of teas’) £2.10 Freshly ground coffee Filter Coffee (free refills) £2.25 Americano (black coffee) £2.25 Cappuccino (the frothy one) £2.25 Latte (the milky one) £2.25 Mocha (the chocolaty one) £2.25 Soft Drinks Hot Chocolate £2.35 Apple Juice £1.60 Orange Juice £1.60 Fruit Shoot £1.90 J20/Fanta £2.30 Coke/Lemonade £1.95

Alcoholic drinks

Screwdriver vodka and orange £4.10

Vodka St Clements orange and bitter lemon £5.35

Bloody Mary vodka and tomato juice £4.10

Alcoholic drinks served from 11am